Best Spots on the Sal Island

Sal Island and its landscapes are a must for those who really love adventure. 

Each sight has a particular thing that will call your attention and create unforgetable moments. It is your chance to discouver something else.

Salt Mine

Blue Eye


Shark Bay


Kite Beach

Useful Tips for You

Flying in Cabo Verde

Cabo Verde has a national airlines company that makes the connection between the islands with a regular schedule. The flight time is no longer than 50 mn. In some cases we have islands with only 20 mn flight.


The national language in Cabo verde is the CREOLE. It is a mix of differente languages due to the colonization. Dispite of that, in Cabo Verde is spoken many differente languages such as: English, French, Spannish, Portuguese (Official language), among others.


The National currency is ESCUDOS. Being Cabo Verde a touristic country, many currency can be found around, but the most used is EURO. The exchange rate is a fixed one: 1 EUR-- 110,265 CVE. However, there are places where it can be done 1EUR--100CVE.


The Cape Verde Islands are located in the tropical and semi-desert climate, tempered by the trade winds, which blow constantly. Temperatures vary throughout the seasons. The maximum temperature is between 25°C and 30°C, while the minimum temperatures range between 19°C and 25°C. The "coldest" months are December and January.

Rental Services

In Cape Verde, ground transportation service is provided by cabs or other rental cars (Hiace, Hilux). The price per trip depends on the distance. For instance, if you are on Sal island, you are up to pay 12EUR/ Taxi from Espargos to Santa Maria and 1EUR per person on a Hilux or Hiace for the same traject. But, people can hire their own car.

Ship Services

Cabo Verde Interilhas is the only company that connects the islands. If you are planning to travel with the CVI, make sure that you have enough time to spend on the ship. The time varies depending on the distance between the islands. It can start from 4h until 12h or more.

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