Unveiling the Ultimate Coon Hunting Supplies Catalog: Gear Up for a Thrilling Adventure

Step into the realm of coon hunting, where the thrill of the chase intertwines with the camaraderie of man and hound. Our comprehensive coon hunting supplies catalog is your trusted guide, equipping you with the essential gear and expert insights to embark on an unforgettable nocturnal adventure.

From the depths of dense forests to the shimmering streams, coon hunting demands a keen eye, unwavering determination, and the right tools. Our catalog meticulously curates a range of products, meticulously designed to elevate your hunting experience.

Product Categories

Successful coon hunting requires a range of specialized gear, designed to enhance your hunting experience and increase your chances of success. Our comprehensive catalog offers a vast selection of coon hunting supplies, meticulously categorized to cater to the needs of every hunter.

From essential tracking equipment to comfortable clothing and reliable lighting solutions, we’ve got you covered. Explore our diverse product categories and discover the gear that will elevate your coon hunting adventures.

Lights, Coon hunting supplies catalog

  • Headlamps: Illuminate the path ahead with our powerful headlamps, designed to provide hands-free illumination in low-light conditions.
  • Flashlights: Choose from a range of handheld flashlights, each offering varying levels of brightness and beam distance to suit your specific hunting needs.

Tracking Gear

Tracking hounds are an essential part of coon hunting, and our tracking gear category provides everything you need to keep up with your canine companions.

  • GPS Tracking Collars: Monitor your hounds’ location and movement in real-time with our advanced GPS tracking collars.
  • Tracking Harnesses: Ensure your hounds’ comfort and safety during extended hunts with our durable and adjustable tracking harnesses.


Stay comfortable and protected in the field with our range of coon hunting clothing, designed to withstand the rigors of the hunt.

  • Camouflage Suits: Blend seamlessly into your surroundings with our high-quality camouflage suits, featuring breathable fabrics and noise-reducing materials.
  • Hunting Boots: Navigate rugged terrain with ease in our sturdy and waterproof hunting boots, providing ankle support and traction for challenging conditions.


Attract and communicate with coons effectively with our selection of coon hunting calls.

  • Mouth Calls: Master the art of imitating coon sounds with our realistic mouth calls, designed to mimic distress cries and mating calls.
  • Electronic Calls: Amplify your calling range and increase your chances of success with our electronic calls, featuring pre-recorded coon sounds and adjustable volume levels.

Other Accessories

Complete your coon hunting gear with our range of essential accessories.

  • Scent Control Products: Eliminate human odors and enhance your stealth with our effective scent control products, including sprays, gels, and wipes.
  • First Aid Kits: Prepare for any unexpected situations with our comprehensive first aid kits, tailored to address common hunting injuries.

Equipment Specifications

Coon hunting demands reliable and durable equipment to navigate challenging terrains and nocturnal conditions. Essential gear like flashlights, headlamps, and tracking devices plays a pivotal role in the pursuit. Let’s delve into the crucial specifications that define their effectiveness.

The durability of coon hunting equipment is paramount. Rugged construction ensures resilience against impacts, water, and extreme temperatures, allowing for dependable performance in the wilderness.

Range and beam strength are equally crucial for flashlights and headlamps. Ample range illuminates distant targets, while a wide beam ensures peripheral visibility. Headlamps provide hands-free illumination, enhancing agility and stealth.

Battery life is another key consideration. Extended battery life allows for uninterrupted hunting sessions without the worry of power outages. Rechargeable batteries offer convenience and cost savings.


  • Durable construction withstands rugged conditions
  • Adjustable beam range and intensity
  • Long battery life for extended hunting sessions


  • Hands-free illumination for enhanced mobility
  • Adjustable brightness and beam angle
  • Comfortable and secure fit for extended wear

Tracking Devices

  • Accurate tracking of hounds using GPS technology
  • Real-time location updates for efficient navigation
  • Durable and weather-resistant construction

Hunting Techniques

Coon hunting is an exciting and challenging sport that requires skill, patience, and a deep understanding of the animal’s behavior. Hunters employ various techniques to track and pursue raccoons, each with its own unique advantages and challenges.


Treeing is a popular coon hunting technique that involves training dogs to locate and bark at raccoons that have taken refuge in trees. The dogs are trained to follow the raccoon’s scent and alert the hunter when they have treed the animal.

Once the raccoon is treed, the hunter can approach the tree and attempt to shoot or capture it.

Treeing dogs come in a variety of breeds, including beagles, hounds, and curs. Each breed has its own unique strengths and weaknesses, so hunters should carefully consider the type of dog that best suits their hunting style and terrain.


Trailing is another common coon hunting technique that involves tracking the raccoon’s scent on the ground. Hunters use dogs to follow the raccoon’s trail, which can lead them through dense forests, across streams, and over rough terrain.

Trailing dogs are typically trained to follow the raccoon’s scent by sight or sound. They may be trained to follow the raccoon’s visual trail, which is often visible in snow or soft ground, or they may be trained to follow the raccoon’s scent by sound, which is often detectable in dense vegetation.

Hunting Accessories

Maximize your coon hunting success with an arsenal of essential accessories. From elevated vantage points to alluring scents and stealthy concealment, our meticulously curated selection empowers you to outsmart the elusive quarry.

Elevate your hunting experience with tree stands, offering unparalleled views and strategic positioning. Their sturdy construction ensures safety while allowing you to survey the terrain with ease. Whether you prefer portable models for swift deployment or permanent fixtures for long-term observation, our range caters to your specific needs.

Scent Attractants

Harness the power of scent to draw coons into your hunting zone. Our premium attractants mimic natural scents, such as female urine or food sources, irresistibly luring animals within range. By strategically placing these attractants along game trails or near dens, you create an irresistible beacon that guides coons towards your stand.

Camouflage Gear

Master the art of concealment with our comprehensive line of camouflage gear. From head-to-toe suits to face masks and gloves, our garments blend seamlessly with the surrounding environment, making you virtually invisible to wary prey. Choose from various patterns and materials to match your specific hunting terrain, ensuring you remain undetected and maximizing your chances of a successful hunt.

Safety and Regulations: Coon Hunting Supplies Catalog

As you venture into the wilderness for a coon hunting expedition, it’s paramount to prioritize safety and adhere to regulations that safeguard both yourself and the wildlife you encounter. Understanding proper conduct and precautions ensures a responsible and fulfilling hunting experience.

Before embarking on your hunt, familiarize yourself with local hunting regulations, including season dates, bag limits, and any special permits required. Respecting these regulations not only ensures compliance but also contributes to sustainable wildlife management.

Clothing and Gear

Appropriate clothing is crucial for safety and comfort during coon hunting. Wear sturdy, weather-resistant boots that provide ankle support and traction on uneven terrain. Choose breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics for your clothing to stay dry and comfortable even during strenuous activity.

Additionally, consider wearing blaze orange or other high-visibility gear to enhance your visibility to other hunters and minimize the risk of accidents.

Firearm Handling

Firearm safety is of utmost importance. Always treat firearms with respect and follow the four cardinal rules of gun safety: keep the gun pointed in a safe direction, keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire, be aware of your target and beyond, and always unload your firearm when not in use.

Store firearms securely and transport them unloaded in a locked case.

Wildlife Conservation

As responsible hunters, we have a duty to respect and conserve wildlife. Avoid disturbing or harassing animals unnecessarily. Report any signs of poaching or illegal hunting activities to the appropriate authorities. Practice ethical hunting by targeting only legal game and within established bag limits.

By adhering to these principles, we help ensure the sustainability of wildlife populations for future generations of hunters.


Coon hunting supplies catalog

As the night sky blankets the land, let our coon hunting supplies catalog be your beacon, illuminating the path to an extraordinary hunting expedition. With our carefully selected gear and expert advice, you’ll conquer the wilderness, forge lasting memories, and experience the exhilaration of coon hunting like never before.

FAQ Overview

What essential gear do I need for coon hunting?

Our catalog features a comprehensive range of essential gear, including flashlights, headlamps, tracking devices, tree stands, scent attractants, and camouflage clothing.

How do I choose the right flashlight for coon hunting?

Consider factors such as brightness, beam distance, battery life, and durability. Our catalog provides detailed specifications to help you make an informed decision.

What are the best techniques for treeing coons?

Our catalog offers expert insights into various treeing techniques, including shining, circling, and calling.

How do I train my dog for coon hunting?

Our catalog provides guidance on effective training methods, emphasizing obedience, tracking, and treeing skills.

What safety precautions should I take while coon hunting?

Our catalog highlights crucial safety guidelines, including proper clothing, firearm handling, and wildlife conservation practices.